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Our Products

We plan, develop, and make progress.. with digital steps .

We have no limit to our horizons and aspirations to truly benefit society. Digital Bear offers innovative projects for business solutions across different industries to achieve further developments, keep pace, and provide benefit within communities.
Our Products


Safety Plus is an advanced, intelligent, and secure software solution that empowers you with comprehensive data and reports on the leading occupational safety companies in Saudi Arabia. Our user-friendly platform simplifies the decision-making process, enabling you to confidently select and engage the most suitable company for your needs.
Our Products

Safety Hub

Safety Hub is the first integrated system for managing all safety services in the world. It opens a direct line of communication between those seeking safety services and service providers through digital steps to organize many contracting, management, and dealing processes between them.
Our Products


Task is a software system that provides a new form of organization and communication among work teams. It can be used by an individual, team, or organization to complete projects efficiently and successfully by defining tasks and classifying their priorities, as well as scheduling appointments and events, and improving efficiency among workers in an organized way.
Our Products


Comma is the first Arab system for researchers and students. It includes an integrated library with the latest references, studies, and research. Coma helps you simplify and organize the research process, store references and studies, and easily insert various files while allowing users to collaborate and share with others through the comments feature. This is to facilitate study and conduct research and save time, effort, and money.
Our Products

Digital Services Platform

A digital platform is the software and technology used to unify and streamline business operations and IT systems. A digital platform serves as a company’s backbone for operations and customer engagement.
Our Products

HADIR System

Time and attendance system (HADIR) are employee time-tracking software
that integrates with payroll software.
Time and attendance system (HADIR) helps your company, production line,
personnel, workforce to work more effectively and to get maximum efficiency.